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Everyone deserves a white, dazzling smile. But not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to overcome stained, discolored teeth. Although less-than-white teeth do not, in and of themselves, mean that you have an oral health problem, your appearance will definitely take a hit whenever you smile or open your mouth.

Your At-Home Options

You’ve probably heard of at-home whitening kits, trays, toothpastes, and gels that claim to be able to whiten your teeth to the desired shade. In reality, most people find that these over-the-counter products are ultimately disappointing. Using them can be frustrating, unpredictable, and even painful.

Most people achieve better results with professional teeth whitening, such as with the KoR whitening system. This allows you to whiten your teeth many shades with a proven system that gets results.

KoR Whitening Features:

  • Whitens teeth 16 shades or more
  • Extremely comfortable whitening trays
  • Effective even on teeth stained by tetracycline

Superior product. Superior results.

One thing that makes KoR whitening unique is that the whitening gels are refrigerated from the moment of manufacture until they arrive at your dentist’s office. Whitening gels contain chemicals that are very unstable. When they reach room temperature, they immediately begin degenerating. So refrigeration means that your KoR whitening gel will be at its maximum strength when you are treated.

KoR Whitening FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about the KoR whitening system:

How does KoR whitening work?

The KoR whitening gel works by reaching deep within your teeth to oxidize stains.

Is KoR whitening better than Zoom whitening?

Most patients find that they obtain better results from KoR whitening than with Zoom. One reason is that Zoom whitening trays only stay active for about half an hour due to dilution and contamination from saliva.

KoR whitening trays are designed to keep out saliva and other fluids. This means that you will get anywhere from six to 10 hours of whitening from the KoR whitening system.

Are the results of KoR whitening permanent?

Yes. Not only does KoR whitening whiten your teeth, it will completely restore and rejuvenate them back to their youthful ability to absorb whitening products. Bleaching factors will completely flood stain molecules and pigments, breaking them down into white and colorless particles.

Is there any aftercare involved with KoR whitening?

It is normal to experience a degree of regression after a whitening treatment. This is more of a mild color normalization process than a return to highly stained teeth. After you have used all of your remaining whitening gel at home, you’ll be provided with more gel to use once monthly indefinitely to maintain your results.

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The KoR whitening system is a revolutionary way to obtain predictable, consistent results that are easy to maintain. No other whitening system can boast of being able to condition and rejuvenate teeth as well as KoR.

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