Dental Fillings

Repair internal tooth damage caused by fractures or decay.

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Dental fillings repair internal tooth damage caused by fractures or decay. The filling adds an inner layer of support to the tooth, which prevents the condition from worsening. A single filling can last about 10 years or more.

Why Choose Dental Fillings

Patients with cracked teeth, damaged fillings, or cavities benefit from dental fillings. Likewise, patients who begin to notice persistent tooth sensitivity should also consider them. Otherwise, any of these issues could worsen. For example, severe tooth decay often leads to infection which requires a root canal procedure to save the tooth.

Dental fillings target cavities, cracks, and moderate tooth decay. However, they are also beneficial for patients with worn teeth. One of the most significant benefits of dental fillings is they prevent nerve damage, and they limit the effects of dental decay.

How Dental Fillings Work

Before filling your tooth, the dentist usually takes an X-ray to determine the full extent of decay damage. Next, the clinician removes the dental plaque, debris, decay, etc. before cleaning the area. Afterward, the dental professional applies the filling and hardens it using a curing light. Essentially, the procedure replaces the decaying matter with resin or silver liquid that hardens to mimic the natural interior of your tooth.

What You Can Expect from a Dental Filling

Your dental exam will detect any underlying issues such as fracture or tooth decay. If the dentist discovers an affected tooth, a second appointment is scheduled to fill the tooth with either resin material or amalgam.

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