Dental Bridge

Used to replace adjacent missing teeth, resembling a set of three or more teeth.
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A dental bridge is used to replace adjacent missing teeth. In general, it resembles a set of three or more teeth. It is made of a dental crown at each with a pontic or false tooth in the middle.

Why Should I Consider a Dental Bridge?

Losing a tooth may seem more of a cosmetic issue to some patients. However, your existing teeth are likely to shift due to the gap. Left treated, the shifted teeth can lead to difficulty chewing, tooth decay, or even tooth loss.

What Advantages Do Dental Bridges Offer?

There are several advantages patients receive from dental bridges. These benefits are both practical and cosmetic. Namely, they restore your ability to speak clearly and chew properly. However, due to recent advances in dental science, they also take on significant aesthetic value as they look nearly identical to your other teeth and prevent your face from aging prematurely.

How the Dental Bridge Procedure Works

In brief, a dental bridge is attached to the existing teeth to cover the gap. In some cases, dental bridges are attached to dental implants if more teeth are missing.

Typically, your dentist will consult with you following the initial exam and x-rays and let you know if a dental bridge is best. If you agree to move forward with the dental bridge treatment, you’ll need to collaborate with your dental professional to determine the type of bridge you would prefer. For example, you may want to consider your budget and the overall expected results. Once you have selected your bridge, the dentist will take an oral impression and send it to his or her dental lab so that it can be created and installed during your next visit.

Learn More About Dental Bridges

Our dental team at Liberia Dental Care offers consultations for dental bridge placements. Contact us to schedule an appointment today. New patients welcome and most insurances accepted.

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