Invisalign Aligners: What Foods & Drinks You Need to Limit

Invisalign Aligners: What Foods & Drinks You Need to Limit

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Orthodontists use Invisalign aligners to help correct teeth. They’ve recently seen an increase in acceptance as a hidden alternative to braces.

In traditional train-track braces, wires and brackets are prone to breaking. To shorten a long story short, there are many foods you should avoid. There is an option called Invisalign. Your favorite dishes are still available because aligner trays are completely detachable.

However, patients occasionally neglect to take them out or give in to the impulse to eat while they are still using their aligners. Unfortunately, the translucent plastic that makes Invisalign almost invisible may become stained or discolored if you eat with them.

Additionally, some foods can affect how well your aligners fit, making your treatment take longer. Continue reading to know more about Invisalign’s dental care in Manassas, VA. 

What Not to Eat or Drink

In general, you don’t need to eliminate any foods as long as you take out your aligners beforehand. But mistakes happen, and eating particular foods can often undermine Invisalign therapy’s effectiveness.

See the list of worst offenders below.

Crunchy or Hard Foods

Because the trays were not designed to endure the power of chewing, if you wear Invisalign while eating, you risk breaking them. Foods that are hard or crunchy will only make the problem worse.

While it’s not a good idea to eat while wearing aligners, your dentist in Manassas, VA, may advise avoiding eating crunchy foods if you have attachments.

We occasionally attach microscopic “bumps” to teeth during Invisalign treatment to act as anchors. The attachments can occasionally come off while handling hard objects like apples, pizza crusts, and other hard objects.

Hot or Iced Drinks

The material used to make the Invisalign trays is extremely thin. This gives them a low-profile appearance but also makes them vulnerable to heat damage. It doesn’t also need a lot of heat.

The material will stretch even with a hot cup of tea, extending your treatment.

Every day, aligners need to be worn for at least 20 to 22 hours. As a result, drinking shouldn’t be done slowly. When drinking, it can be challenging to reach certain numbers.

Not just hot beverages require vigilance; all hot substances do. You might not be able to meet your daily-wear requirements if you consume iced tea, frappuccinos, or other cold beverages. Try to restrict your consumption to only room temperature.

Sticky or Chewy Foods

Sticky or chewy foods, such as candy or jerky, should be avoided when wearing braces since they stick to the brackets and wires. Considering that you have Invisalign, why do you avoid them?

Amazingly, sticky foods can stick to the teeth and gum line. Aligners tightly seal the mouth, trapping bacteria from unfinished meals to stop tooth decay. If you don’t plan to brush your teeth after each stick of gum, look for other ways to freshen your breath. Gum without sugar is a great alternative.

3 Invisalign Care Recommendations

Now that you are aware of the foods and drinks you should avoid, let’s look at three dietary recommendations for maintaining your aligners.

Before Eating, Take Out Your Braces

Although we’ve stated it before, remove your Invisalign before eating.

Even when you’re out, it can be tempting to keep your trays in, but doing so raises the risk of damage and discoloration and lengthens the treatment period.

Only Drink Water While Using Your Aligners

Water is the only beverage that won’t stain your teeth or Invisalign while you’re wearing them.

After quenching your thirst, you don’t need to brush or floss because it is the best hydrator and doesn’t contain sugar.

Floss and Brush Your Teeth After Meals

Everyone should floss and brush their teeth after every meal, but people with Invisalign should do so more frequently.

Bacteria from food debris is securely compressed between your teeth and the trays when you put your aligners back on without brushing your teeth first. After meals are the perfect time for plaque and bacteria to increase, so make it a habit to clean and floss your teeth.


Find the best dentist in Manassas who is skilled enough to protect your investment while letting you enjoy your chosen snacks and beverages. Dental care keeps your Invisalign aligners in place while ingesting meals and beverages.

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