Are Adult Braces More Complicated than Those for Kids?

Are Adult Braces More Complicated than Those for Kids?

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Due to technological and medical advancements, today, there is a broad spectrum of braces catering to people of all ages. As a result, tools for cosmetic dentistry such as braces are now more popular among adults. Various myths surround adult braces, with some saying that braces may not be effective in adults or take longer, all of which are valid concerns.

Adults generally can wear braces for slightly more extended periods, but this does not mean the appliances won’t do their job. To answer the question, no adult braces aren’t more complicated than those kids. But the following factors still must be considered before putting on these devices.

Typical Duration

A frequent patient question is how long they must wear braces. In actuality, the duration varies based on several factors. Remember that everyone experiences different orthodontic problems. Nonetheless, average braces take about two to three years to deliver the desired outcomes in adults. 

Typically, three years is the maximum. However, time depends on the brace maintenance procedures, diet, and patient age. Patients who don’t take care of their braces will likely stay with them for long periods. So, adhering to the dentist’s instructions during the whole orthodontic treatment process is essential.

So do adult braces require a more extended period of wearing?

Occasionally, adult braces take a while to deliver the expected results. So, does age affect this period? Yes, and you can never compare the bones of a teenager and a grown adult. Since teenagers and children are younger, they heal faster. During the teenage years, teeth continue to grow.

However, adults’ jaws and teeth are rigid, making them harder to align. Even so, this will still depend on the severity of the orthodontic problem. Some children with severe orthodontic problems may need to wear braces for up to three years, whereas if an adult experiences a minor one, they can wear braces for two years. 

Additionally, if adults take good care of their braces, they can remove them sooner. Ultimately, a patient’s age plays a minor role in affecting the duration of wearing braces in adults.

The duration also depends on the kind of braces worn. Some popular choices for this cosmetic dentistry procedure include:

  • Lingual braces are a popular option since they are barely visible. However, they can take longer to straighten teeth and jaws. They are usually placed at the back of the teeth, making them invisible. There’s a downside, though. Braces worn this way don’t exert much force, so you will have to visit your orthodontist more often and stay with the braces much longer.
  • Clear and metal ones are highly advanced and work much faster to achieve desired results. Compared to other adult braces, they align teeth in their rightful position within a shorter amount of time. Give or take, you’ll stay for about two years with metal braces, with the maximum duration approximately three years, depending on the dental problem. 

All patients must follow the dentist’s instructions to make braces work in a shorter time. This includes cleaning teeth at least twice daily and flossing to avoid food particles under the brackets and teeth.


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