Is a Tooth Extraction Necessary before Orthodontic Care?

Is a Tooth Extraction Necessary before Orthodontic Care?

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When it comes to straightening your teeth or improving how they fit together, the top orthodontist in town can accomplish some incredible things. Their advice may include removing one or more teeth as part of this treatment to make place for exceptional outcomes.

The causes may be obvious or hidden issues that only x-rays may uncover, but on average, 25% of orthodontic patients will require tooth extraction as part of their treatment plan. Of course, your specific case will be thoroughly described, but let’s go through the most common reasons teeth are pulled, how this enhances a smile, and the best methods to prepare yourself or your child for tooth extraction.

When and Why Is a Tooth Extraction Necessary before Orthodontic Care?

Tooth extraction for braces is necessary in only a few cases, such as if your teeth are overcrowded. The main aim of removing teeth for braces is to achieve quality results. You will get well-aligned teeth and a very healthy bite. Note that only serious crowding needs extraction.

What Causes Overcrowding?

You might be wondering why so many of us have crowded teeth. Scientists have also pondered this. Over the years, studies of jaw size and tooth wear have revealed that our jaws are shrinking while our teeth remain full size.

They believe that individuals used to chew on unprocessed or stone-ground grains a lot more, resulting in enormous powerful jaws and worn-down teeth. So, perhaps our packed grins are the consequence of better oral hygiene and consuming softer prepared meals. It’s the cost of eliminating grit from your everyday diet! 

Another theory is based on the fact that our jaws are smaller in size than they once were, especially in developed nations where refined foods are readily available. For this reason, many developing nations have a much higher rate of tooth crowding.

Other Reasons for Extraction

A tooth may need to be extracted before orthodontic treatment if it has decayed or become damaged from prior crowding due to bacterial growth and plaque buildup. If the decay has progressed too far, it may be more efficient to simply remove the teeth and align them properly without them, by replacing the empty area with healthy teeth guided into position by braces or Invisalign.

Extractions are especially required when the outcomes would be unstable without tooth removal, causing movement and misalignment later on, which will necessitate further orthodontic therapy to fix. In that instance, it makes more sense to extract teeth in the first place to produce healthy, long-lasting outcomes.

Alternatives to Extracting Teeth

Palate Expansion

Making more room for your teeth by broadening the palate is one option for tooth extraction. Because children’s bones are still growing, this approach is more successful. Because adult bones are no longer forming, this approach is less effective.

Adding a Bone in Your Palate

Another method is to allow people to grow by inserting a bone into their palate. Orthodontic treatment can also be used to relocate teeth into the rear of your mouth. This is known as distalization, which involves making room for crowded teeth rather than removing them.


Even though you may not necessarily like the idea of tooth extraction for braces, it is often important for the long-term stability of your smile. Your orthodontist will discuss the situation with you and advise on the best course of action to achieve the most suitable outcome.

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