What Do I Need to Do If I Get My Teeth Knocked Out?

What Do I Need to Do If I Get My Teeth Knocked Out?

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Getting teeth knocked out is a more common incident than you would think. However, just because you got your tooth knocked out, that does not mean you won’t get it back. If you get into an accident where your teeth are knocked out, take the following steps to try and get it re-implanted.

Pick Up Your Tooth on the Chewing End

Once your tooth is knocked out, locate it immediately and pick it up on the crown or the end that is used to chew. Do not pick it up by the root,and make sure to avoid the root getting into contact with anything. This is to ensure that the root remains as clean as possible and to avoid possible infection.

Rinse Tooth with Water

Once you pick up your tooth, rinse it gently with water. Make sure to not wash it with anything else, just use water. Do not scrub or rub the tooth; just hold it by the crown and gently run it under water to ensure that any dirt is washed off.

Try to Return the Tooth Back to the Socket Immediately

Once your tooth is clean, try to put it back in the socket by pushing it in gently. Just keep holding the crown and slide it back into the socket slowly to avoid hurting yourself with too much force. Try to adjust it around a bit if you feel like it does not fit. Whatever you do, do not force it in as you could hurt yourself and cause further damage or injury.

Keep It Moist If You Cannot Put It Back

If you cannot put it back in the socket or you only found part of your tooth, then just do your best to keep it as moist as possible. Ideally, the best scenario is to keep it in your mouth, just next to your cheek. If this is not something you feel comfortable about, you can keep it in some milk or if you have an emergency tooth preservation kit, then you may use that.

Go to Your Dentist

Regardless if you were able to re-implant your tooth or not, go to your dentist immediately. The best-case scenario is that you are able to visit your dentist within 30 minutes of the incident. However, even if hours or days have passed, you will still need to visit your dentist even if you feel like the area is healing.

What Will Happen If I Can’t Get My Tooth Back In?

If you cannot get your tooth back in, you will have to get a denture until the socket is fully healed. Once it is healed, you may have the option of getting a bridge or dental implant.

How Do I Avoid Getting My Teeth Knocked Out?

If you are involved in sports or any activities that could result in your teeth getting knocked out, the best way to avoid this is to wear a mouthguard. This is a rubber cover that protects your mouth and teeth from damage or injuries in case of a blow.


Getting your teeth knocked out can be a scary incident but it is not the end of the world. No matter how terrified you may be, try not to panic and follow the tips above as much as possible. However, remember that the best way to deal with it is to prevent it in the first place. Always be careful and stay safe.

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