Dental Implants: What Are Its Benefits and Longevity?

Dental Implants: What Are Its Benefits and Longevity?

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One of the most frequently asked questions is, “How long do dental implants last?” The response relies on many variables, including how effectively the implants are maintained. However, the average lifespan of dental implants in Manassas, VA, is approximately 25 years.

What Are Implants for Teeth?

Dental implants in Manassas Park, VA, are a long-term, permanent option for replacing missing teeth. Implants can replace a single missing tooth. In this instance, a crown resembling a natural tooth is placed over the implant.

Dental implants may also be utilized as an option to tooth replacement for the entire mouth. Implants can support dentures more firmly than adhesives when a person has few or no natural teeth. Mini implants are sometimes used in place of full-sized implants to support complete dentures.

Implantation Components

Dental implants consist of three primary elements. These components include the implant, abutment, and crown.


The implant itself functions like a tooth’s root. It is a titanium post that is normally placed surgically into the jaw.


The abutment is utilized to secure the replacement tooth. This portion is screwed onto the implant and remains above the jawbone.


The crown resembles a natural tooth’s visible portion. Crowns are often composed of ceramic, although there are cheaper alternatives. This is attached to the buttress.

What Are The Advantages of an Implant?

There are benefits to getting dental implants. Among the advantages of an implant are:

  • Increase your self-assurance so you may smile again
  • Permanent (unlike removable dentures)
  • Makes eating simpler compared to missing or broken teeth 
  • Makes speaking more comfortable compared to missing teeth 
  • Can help prevent jawbone density loss due to missing teeth 
  • Can provide a more youthful facial appearance (without the “drooping” look typical in people with little to no teeth)

These are but a few advantages. Depending on your specific situation, there may be extra advantages to obtaining dental implants.

What Are the Dental Implant Alternatives? 

Dental implants are not the sole option for replacing missing teeth, despite popular belief to the contrary.

Bridges, dentures, dental crowns, and mini-implants are alternatives to dental implants that are considered conventional tooth replacement solutions.

Aspects Influencing the Durability of Dental Implants

As indicated previously, the typical lifespan of dental implants is 25 years. There are numerous reasons implants may have a shorter or longer lifespan than this average. These reasons are further below.

Oral Hygiene

With proper oral hygiene, dental implants will survive longer for patients. This indicates that you should brush and floss your teeth at least twice daily. Regular dental checks are also necessary.

Diet and Chewing Patterns

Sugary, sticky, or tough foods can reduce the longevity of an implant. Your dentist will probably advise you to avoid these until your mouth has healed. In addition, clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth can reduce the longevity of your implant.

Skill of Dentist

The ability of your chosen dentist in Manassas, VA, also affects the longevity of your implant. A poorly fitted or positioned implant will not last as long as one with competence and precision.

Placing the Implant

People do not utilize their mouths evenly. Implants implanted in the front of the mouth are more durable than those placed in the back. This is because the posterior teeth are utilized more frequently and with higher force.

Smoking and Drinking

Cigarette smokers and heavy drinkers are more susceptible to implant failure and diseases like cancer. To make your dental implants last, you must refrain from smoking and drink in moderation.

Your Health Condition

Your general state of health will determine how effectively your body will tolerate the implant. Your health will also impact how effectively your mouth heals after dental implants.


Implants for the teeth are supposed to be permanent. Implants connect with the jawbone, fusing with the surrounding bone through osseointegration.

In certain instances, dental implants can fail. This may result from a multitude of causes.

Sometimes, a failed implant can be replaced, but other treatment options are available if necessary. Consult a dentist or periodontist if you are experiencing implant failure.

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