Denture Care: 6 Best Practices for Keeping Dentures Longer

Denture Care: 6 Best Practices for Keeping Dentures Longer

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Dentures are still one of the best substitutes for teeth. Due to their design, people can replace their missing teeth with the same color, shape, and even structure. However, dentures are more fragile than teeth. Therefore, people should wear them with care and caution in handling them. But how can you keep dentures for long? Here are some examples.

1. Wear Them Regularly

Wearing your dentures is one of the best things you can do. It will help you adjust to the feeling of having them and will also give you ample opportunities to adapt it to the right level. Dentures are prone to looseness.

As time passes, it could become loose and fall off easily. To prevent this from happening, you should wear your dentures every day. Allow the dentures to fit snugly on your gums. Don’t leave it off even if you have just one tooth to replace.

2. Take Them Off before Going to Bed

It is not recommended to wear your dentures while sleeping. The dentures can get loose and fall out. You can also accidentally bite someone or hurt your mouth. You can suffer from many health problems if you don’t take your dentures off. Other than that, your dentures can become stale, especially if you wear them overnight.

3. Clean Them Everyday

Cleaning your dentures is truly important. Dentists suggest that you wash them as if they are your teeth. It’s a must to remove any food that you consume every day. Dentures can get dirty in just a day or two because they don’t have a natural defense mechanism to clean them. Wearing it without cleaning can result in infections. Moreover, you can use mouthwash to give them fresh breath.

4. Avoid Chewing on Hard Food

Like eating hard food can damage your dentures, eating food that can damage your dentures is also a problem. You should avoid eating sticky food such as caramel and taffy. It can become difficult for you to remove it from your dentures. You should also avoid sticky foods such as gum. It applies to candy as well. Sticky and moist food can be hard to clean and leave a sticky residue.

5. Never Conduct DIY Repairs

Sometimes, your denture can crack because of different reasons. It could be excessive heat, extreme cold, or even chewing. You can quickly repair it using DIY methods. However, it is still best to leave the repair to dentists. They are professionals who can mend the broken parts quickly and accurately.

You can risk damaging your denture and mouth if you try to repair them yourself. If you find a dent or a crack in your dentures, you should immediately see a dentist. First, try to remove it by pressing your tongue against the affected area. If it still doesn’t come off, you should see your dentist.

6. Have Dentures Checked

If you are diligent with caring for your dentures, you will probably use them for several years. Nevertheless, you should have it checked by a dentist to ensure the fit is still good and the denture’s base is intact. Your dentist can also check if it fits correctly and is still comfortable to use. The dentist can also recommend ways you can improve your dentures.


Dentures play an essential role in people’s lives. They can improve your appearance, prevent osteoporosis, and fix some dental issues. However, they can also be very delicate. You should follow the rules mentioned above. These rules can help you keep your dentures in the best condition and enjoy it for a more extended period.

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