Is It Possible to Get Braces Fitted With Missing Teeth?

Is It Possible to Get Braces Fitted With Missing Teeth?

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People who need braces frequently do not get them because they have gaps or missing teeth. In reality, missing teeth are not a problem, and therapy may proceed as planned. As an adult, you may have lost a tooth or two or have a huge gap in your teeth. Braces may be advantageous in some conditions. Braces are an option in any case. In this piece, we’ll go through the facts and address the question, “Can I get braces with gaps?” Let’s get started.

How Will it Work?

Children With Gaps

Teeth are frequently missing in younger children when the primary teeth have fallen out, and the permanent teeth have not yet grown in. While it is most normal for children to wear braces after all of their permanent teeth (but before their wisdom teeth) have finished developing, orthodontic treatment may be required earlier in rare situations.

Children who are still losing their baby teeth may have jaw difficulties or misalignments, preventing adult teeth from growing properly without orthodontics. In this instance, a youngster may require therapy when their teeth are absent. A child may potentially experience tooth loss while wearing braces. In this scenario, the orthodontist will remove the bracket or band from the loose tooth to allow it to fall out and, if required, reinstall the bracket after the new tooth emerges.


Patients who have not finished growing are not the only ones who have gaps in their teeth. You can have missing teeth as an adult, which braces can correct. Many adults have gaps between their teeth or have lost teeth. In some cases, this may result from tooth decay, while in other cases, they were accidents. Furthermore, wearing a dental device such as a retainer can prevent the teeth from shifting back into their original positions.

Are There Any Other Options?

If you wear a retainer and have missing teeth, your dentist may recommend not wearing the retainer for several weeks. This will allow the teeth to move back into their original position. You can have braces fitted after the retainer is removed. This can be an option for people who do not have time for braces, or who live far from the nearest clinic.

The other option is to have braces fitted as soon as the missing teeth or gaps become apparent. People who wear braces on the upper and lower arch simultaneously can achieve a perfect smile.

Will the Gaps Disrupt Treatment?

No. It is unnecessary to fill the gaps in your teeth to begin treatment. Your orthodontist will work around the gaps and any retained teeth to give you an attractive smile. The gaps can be closed with a procedure known as edgewise orthodontics.


In conclusion, if you’re looking to straighten your teeth, you can do so with braces even if you have missing teeth or gaps in between your teeth. You can have braces fitted if you are an adult, though it is more common for children to require braces, as their teeth are still developing. You may have gaps between your teeth due to tooth loss or simple wear and tear, but braces can be fitted to straighten the teeth. Your orthodontist will determine whether you require braces and will fit the appliance to straighten the teeth. Of course, if you are looking to straighten your teeth, you should make an appointment to meet with your dentist to discuss your dental issues.

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