Top Reasons Why Traditional Braces Are a Better Choice

Top Reasons Why Traditional Braces Are a Better Choice

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People who need braces often see the benefits that they provide for their smiles; they help people achieve that picture-perfect smile while correcting all the issues behind the smile too. Now that you know about the general benefits of getting braces, you may be interested to read on to find out more about why braces are worth considering.

Top Reasons Why Traditional Braces Are a Better Choice

1 – They are not removable

Traditional braces are not removable; once you get them, you will have them for the duration of treatment. They cannot be taken off, and you cannot take them in and out as you like. This gives them some major advantages over clear aligners.

2 – They are designed to fix a wider range of problems

Traditional braces handle almost every kind of dental problem. People come to braces in need of fixing a missing tooth, fitting a bridge, fixing crowded teeth, reducing the width of the teeth, and many other problems. With clear aligners, you may find it hard to fix some of these problems.

3 – They offer a definite end date for treatment

With clear aligners, you will never really know when you will be finished with treatment. Traditional braces, on the other hand, offer a definite end date for treatment.

4 – People of any age can wear them

While braces are meant for people with orthodontic issues, clear aligners are not suitable for all ages. But traditional braces can be used by people of all ages.

5 – They come in a range of different colors and shapes

While clear aligners are typically white or clear, traditional braces come in a wide range of different colors and shapes. It is possible to get braces in almost any color and also in different styles. Different people have different tastes, so this comes in handy.

6 – They come with no limitations on foods

Like any other dental treatment, clear aligners come with a list of foods that you must avoid. But traditional braces may be worn with any food, and there are no limitations.

7 – They are suitable for most people

Traditional braces have been tried and tested for a long time. They were tried and tested a lot, especially in the past when they were the only way to fix orthodontic issues. They have been improved and modernized to suit the needs of most people.

8 – There are many options

Since there are different kinds of braces and you can customize them depending on your needs, there are many options available to you.


As you can see, getting traditional braces has a lot of benefits. While you may think that clear aligners are better or clearer than traditional braces, the latter offers a lot of benefits that clear aligners cannot offer. So, if you are looking for a great smile, why not opt for traditional braces, and you will get the smile you deserve. Visit your dentist and find out what options will meet your needs best.

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