5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Chipped Tooth Fixed

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Chipped Tooth Fixed

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A chipped tooth can lead to much more serious problems if you don’t take care of it immediately. The size and severity of the damage indicate how invasive the treatment needs to be.

The type of treatment needed will depend on the circumstances and the severity of the chip or crack. Simple fillings are used if nothing else is missing, while bigger problems might need crowns or other cosmetic treatments like veneers.

Here are a few reasons why you should get your chipped tooth fixed.

1) Improve Your Smile’s Appearance

It’s no fun to have a tooth that looks horrible and hinders your ability to speak and eat. Small chips or cracks can be a turn-off to friends, family, and potential suitors. The more severe the damage is, the more obvious it is to others.

Whether it’s a large chunk or just a crack, it can make it hard to wear your favorite lipstick or pout for a selfie. You can’t hide it, so you’ll want to get it fixed before it gets worse.

2) It Is Sensitive

One of the major complaints about chipped teeth is that they hurt. As it gets worse, it could feel like something is stuck in your mouth.

When a tooth is cracked, the nerves can be exposed. The sensitivity also indicates that food is getting trapped in the area. The trapped food can cause an infection that spreads throughout the tooth. Immediate treatment can quickly make the pain go away.

3) It Can Cut Through Your Cheeks

One of the main reasons you should get a chipped tooth fixed is because it can dig into your gums and cheek. A piece of the broken tooth can scrape the inside of your mouth between meals.

It can get worse the longer it is left untreated. Pieces of the tooth can easily scrape through the inside of your mouth, leaving a bloody mess. This can lead to swelling that takes time to heal.

4) It Puts You at Risk of Infection

A chipped tooth is more susceptible to infections that can lead to more serious issues. Even if the chip isn’t causing pain, a tooth that has been chipped or cracked is still vulnerable to other problems.

When the tooth is chipped, the nerves are exposed and could lead to an infection. This can cause the tooth to become loose and fall out. A cracked tooth, on the other hand, is more likely to trap food and bacteria. This can lead to an infection that can spread throughout the tooth.

5) It Could Lead to a Serious Injury

Another reason you should get your chipped tooth fixed is that it could cause you to get hurt even more. When you chip a tooth, you could easily strain your jaw bone or suffer a concussion. The tooth could break more, causing you even more pain.

If the tooth digs into your gums or cheeks, you could get a cut that could lead to an infection. A chipped tooth could also lead to an accident if it hides food in your mouth and causes you to choke.


Having a chipped tooth is embarrassing and can cause you to lose your self-confidence. More importantly, it can lead to more serious problems if you don’t take care of it right away. 

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