Reasons You Should Replace a Bad Tooth with Dentures

Reasons You Should Replace a Bad Tooth with Dentures

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Dentures are a standard dental solution for replacing missing teeth. The teeth you replace the teeth that are missing will depend on what kind of dentures you’ve received: partial dentures or full dentures. The complete dentures cover all the missing teeth when they are implanted in the mouth, while partial dentures are used when only part of your mouth is missing a few teeth.

The most crucial issue to keep in mind when choosing between partial dentures or full dentures is that complete dentures are dependent on having enough intact teeth to secure them in the mouth. For this reason, you might need to ensure that all of your partial teeth have been scheduled for a root canal and at least one permanent filling before replacing your missing teeth with complete, same-day dentures.

What Are the Types of Dentures You Can Get?

Same-day dentures can come in two kinds: partial or complete. But for now, let’s closely examine the different types of partial, same-day dentures and their benefits:

  • Removable acrylic partial dentures Are a popular missing teeth replacement option. They consist of a large acrylic base attached to the wearer’s gums via suction. These dentures typically last more than five years when properly taken care of.
  • Removable cast metal dentures: These are among the most affordable types of partial same-day dentures, and they typically last more than five years when correctly looked after.
  • Partial dentures: People who are allergic to acrylic or have a more comfortable option may prefer flexible partial dentures. These are made from a very thin, flexible plastic that resembles natural teeth in both appearance and comfort. They can’t be used as replacements for all missing teeth, but they hold up nicely, so they are highly durable.
  • Fixed bridges: Are attached to crowns placed on the two teeth that flank the space where a tooth has been lost. As they are named, these rooted crowns can take anywhere from one to three appointments, depending on how much preparation is necessary. The teeth do not need to be trimmed down before crowning, saving time and money.

Fixed bridges offer long-lasting results and are one of the more comfortable replacement options available because they’re cemented in place permanently.

  • Implant-supported bridges: Patients who have lost many teeth in their smile can consider implant-supported bridges, which can replace multiple teeth at once for a more permanent solution. Implants are placed in the mouth to serve as anchors for the artificial teeth, which can last for decades.

Why You Should Replace Bad Teeth with Dentures

Depending on the type of partial denture you choose, your dentist can help you decide if these tooth replacement options are suitable for you. Benefits of any kind of partial denture include:

  • Allows you to chew and speak easily.
  • Does not disturb surrounding teeth.
  • Helps ease the stress from your jaw.
  • Helps in retaining your facial structure.
  • They are comparatively affordable tooth replacements.

Same-day dentures are also plausible if:

  • You have multiple missing teeth. 
  • The plan is always to keep all of your natural teeth, if possible. If the situation requires it, your dentist can add more teeth to the partial dentures you already have. 
  • Some of your teeth are missing from the lower jaw, and you don’t want complete dentures; partial dentures are a good choice.

Get Same-Day Dentures Now

We hope this article has convinced you to get same-day dentures from your dentist with their wealth of choices and benefits. Better still, talk to them about this decision so they can help you make the right choice in preserving your precious teeth and smile!

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