What is a Periodontist?

What is a Periodontist?

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Periodontists are one of the most misunderstood types of dentists. Periodontics has to do with periodontal disease, popularly called gum disease. If they are looking for a periodontist Manassas patients are probably experiencing gums that are tender or bleeding. Failing to seek treatment means that they may have pain every time they bite and chew their food, not to mention risking their teeth eventually falling out.

What is a periodontist?

‘Periodontist’ is a word that you don’t hear very often. And you really don’t want to, because it probably means that you or someone you know has gum disease. But we want healthy, pink gums that support our teeth. A periodontist is someone who helps treat you when your gums are not in a healthy state.

Periodontists are dental professionals who also focus on other parts of the mouth. For example, something called the alveolar process is a section of the jawbone supporting teeth. Any problems with it could eventually cause tooth loss, particularly among women. This is the portion of bone hosting tooth sockets. When something goes wrong, you may need a periodontist for treatment so that your teeth are secure.

Multiple Roles

Your periodontist has mastered many trades. Their goal is protecting all supporting structures surrounding your teeth. They want to ensure that your gum tissue and jawbone are in an ideal condition.

If gum damage goes untreated, it can eventually result in the loss of a tooth. A severe case may lead to some type of jaw disease, further leading to the removal of a section of jawbone. So periodontists are often thought of as the plastic surgeons of the dentistry world. They work on minor problems in your mouth prior to them becoming more significant issues. They focus on prevention, but have the ability to perform surgery when needed.

When periodontitis becomes severe, it may require surgery. A periodontist performs a vital function by diagnosing and treating early problems. If you should lose some teeth, they may recommend a treatment such as replacement implants.

Training and Education

An individual must attend dental school to become a periodontist. After their regular dental school training is complete, they undergo an additional three years of specialized training focusing on tooth and gum health. They will learn how to perform implant procedures, as well as gum and jaw surgery.

So your periodontist is a specialist who has gone through years of additional training that qualify them to do more specialized work. Patients are typically referred to periodontists by their regular dentist.

Other Areas of Focus

The cementum is a tissue connecting your gums with your teeth. This is a calcified material that has only one purpose: protecting tooth roots. It accomplishes this by connecting the alveolar bone with your teeth using a ligament. If this periodontal ligament is not healthy, the tooth attached to it will not erupt correctly.


Periodontist are specialized dental professionals who are trained to treat conditions like:

  • Periodontitis
  • Cementum problems
  • Alveolar process
  • Dental implants

For More Information

To receive additional information about periodontal treatments, contact our periodontist today. New patients are always welcome!

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