Five Reasons to Get a Routine Dental Cleaning

Five Reasons to Get a Routine Dental Cleaning

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“Regular” dental checkups and cleanings are more than just routine. They’re effective prophylactic (preventive) visits that cut down on your dental disease for years to come.

For most people, it’s best to have your teeth cleaned every six months. Doing so allows our Manassas dentists to detect any changes in your oral health before they become complex issues. Early intervention allows for more conservative, affordable treatments.

If you’re due for a cleaning or are wondering if having your teeth cleaned is actually beneficial, here are five reasons to go ahead and schedule your next checkup:

1. Tartar Can’t be Brushed or Flossed Off Your Teeth

Daily brushing and flossing remove soft, sticky plaque biofilm. But if you accidentally miss some here or there, it can calcify within 24 hours. Over time, the tiny layers of calcified tartar (calculus) accumulate. This rocky-like substance can only be removed by a dental professional. Unfortunately, it houses bacteria and as a result, it can cause infection in the adjacent gum and bone tissues.

Tartar tends to be heaviest between teeth and along the gumlines. It can look yellow, brown, or black. You may never see it until buildup levels are severe.

During your professional cleaning, our hygienist will gently remove all of the buildup that’s accumulated since your last visit — giving you a “clean slate” to manage until your next checkup!

2. Early Signs of Gum Disease Can be Reversed

Did you know that periodontal disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss? It’s caused by plaque and tartar buildup just under the edges of your gums. If your teeth aren’t cleaned properly or routinely, you’ll develop gingivitis (red, puffy gums).

Fortunately, gingivitis is completely reversible. It takes daily brushing and flossing along with routine professional cleanings (to clean those hard-to-reach areas) every six months.

Left untreated, gingivitis can progress into periodontal/gum disease, which causes tooth mobility, gum recession, and bone/tooth loss.

3. Stop Cavities Before They Start

The first stage of nearly every cavity is something we call “enamel demineralization.” Essentially, it’s when the outer layer of your tooth enamel becomes weak, porous, and loses some of the minerals inside of it. Typically, it’s caused by acidic plaque that isn’t cleaned off routinely.
By re-vamping your oral hygiene routine and incorporating a fluoride treatment with our hygienist, you can actually reverse the early stages of demineralization to stop a cavity from getting any worse. That way you can avoid needing a dental filling and keep your tooth intact.

4. Keep Your Teeth for Life

There’s a common misconception where people assume that since their parents lost all of their teeth, they will too. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the reality.

Even if a family history of dental problems predisposes you to “bad teeth” or tooth loss, routine preventive care can help you combat issues like decay and gum disease. In reality, your parents or grandparents may not have had the same access to preventive care as you do now. With thorough cleanings and a religious home hygiene plan, you can significantly cut back on your chances of following in your parents’ footsteps.

Modern preventive dentistry and routine cleanings make it possible to keep all (or most of) your teeth for life. But if you do lose one or two along the way, Liberia Dental Care will do everything possible to help your smile look whole and healthy again.

5. Enjoy Fresher Breath

Tartar and plaque buildup houses odorous bacteria. And if it’s wedged deep between your teeth or under your gums, there’s no getting rid of it on your own. To make matters worse, if the buildup is contributing to gum disease the smell will be even more potent. Periodontal infections can cause serious halitosis that no over-the-counter products can treat.

Fortunately, professional dental cleanings thoroughly remove all of that odor-causing bacteria so that you can get a jump start on fresh breath. Then our hygienists will show you modified techniques to keep the buildup from coming back. Plus a few tips on cleaning your tongue, where bad breath bacteria thrive the most!

Your Safety is Important to Us

Liberia Dental Care takes extra precautions to ensure our patients’ safety. Not only are we following all CDC guidelines, but we’ve added additional sanitation protocols that go above and beyond industry standards. We’ve also added air purifiers and aerosol extractors, along with reducing patient scheduling for a maximum occupancy of 25-30%.

Smile healthier and happier. Call our Manassas dental office for your family’s routine care needs. We also have on-side specialists to reduce referrals. Book your next visit today!

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