Manassas Dentist: Your First Dental Visit

Manassas Dentist: Your First Dental Visit

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Manassas Dentist

Manassas Dentist | Today’s dental offices are equipped with skilled and helpful staff members. They understand the importance of patient care from the moment you walk in, to the moment you leave. At Liberia Dental Care, we value each patient and have invested in the best team and dental technology to provide high-quality care in a soothing environment.

Our Manassas dentist will be sure to make your visits comfortable. Likewise, our team is very accommodating to those with special needs. Simply speak with any member of our team to address your needs, questions, and concerns. We’d be delighted to assist you and your family.

If you are visiting our office for the first time, this blog offers general insight about your first visit. Should you have any questions, contact us at 703-969-5774.

The First Visit

Every patient has unique needs. For this reason, dental visits vary to assure you and your family receive customized care by our Manassas dentist.

A Child’s First Dental Visit

Doctors recommend that you take your child for their first dental visit between 6-12 months after their first tooth emerges. Apart from the dental assessment and examination, our Manassas dentist will also educate you on teething and what to expect, use of pacifiers in children, proper oral hygiene for children, preventing cavities, and more.

It is essential to maintain your child’s routine dental visits to prevent dental and gum issues. These visits help detect issues early on and prevent new ones. Also, routine visits help establish good dental hygiene care. Your child is likely to continue visiting the dentist throughout their lifetime.

An Adult’s First Dental Visit

An adult’s first dental visit typically consists of a comprehensive dental exam and cleaning. There are cases that a cleaning may be postponed to address underlying issues. Below is a summary of what you may expect.

  • A thorough review of your medical history by our Manassas dentist
  • A thorough dental assessment and examination to understand current dental health and detect underlying issues
  • Dental X-rays may be taken to further understand your current health
  • You’ll be provided with a consultation to discuss your current dental health and recommended treatments to improve it
  • If a dental cleaning is recommended to be performed afterward, a hygienist usually completes this procedure and offers advice on how to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Learn More

As mentioned earlier, Liberia Dental Care understands that every patient requires customized care. We hope you found this information helpful as you prepare for your first visit. If you need to schedule an appointment or have special requests, contact us today. Call 703-969-5774 to speak with our team.

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